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The Present
I am a professor in the College of IST at Penn State. I am also a professor in Psychology and in Computer Science and Engineering. I have been affiliated with Industrial Engineering, and an IPA to NSMRL in Groton, CT.

The Past

I was mentored in grade school and high school by professors at Bradley University, where my dad was an administrator. Except, we didn't call it mentoring then -- they just helped me with science fair projects, which still seem to provide lessons about how to present work at conferences as talks and posters.

I attended Illinois after attending a summer camp on engineering there (JETS).

After briefly attending Yale, I worked at BBN (I interviewed with BBN while at Illinois, and told to get more education). While at BBN I took CS classes part time at Brandeis and WPI. I attended and graduated from CMU in AI and Psychology. My main advisor was in computer science, but physically and academically I was in psychology where I did an AI and Psychology degree. I believe that I am the only graduate of that 5-year program. I thus graduated from 21st grade.

I taught at the U. of Nottingham in England for 6 years. My humour was diagnosed there as British. I thus maintain some humour materials:

I helped start the College of IST (initially, School of IST) at Penn State. During one of its growth spurts I started a guide to living in State College. It is currently muchly out of date.

Other Frank Ritters

There are more Frank Ritter's than I thought there would be, perhaps more than there needs to be. Here are the ones I've collected so far.


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