Tutorial Booklets from Cognitive Science 1999 Conference

Copies of the tutorial booklets on ACT-R, Soar, PDP++, and Cogent are available by sending your address, which booklet(s) you wish (ACT-R, Soar, PDP++, Cogent), and a check for $US 10 (made out to the Cognitive Science Society) or 6.50 pounds (made out to Frank Ritter) for each booklet to

  Frank Ritter
  School of Information Sciences and Technology
  Penn State U.
  512 Rider Building
  120 S. Burrowes St.
  University Park, PA  16801-3857

Postage is included. Queries to ritter@ist.psu.edu

Further details are available at



link updated 3/02

Now available (Fall 2000) at 1/2 price, or $5 per booklet.